green and gray mountain under white clouds during daytime | mynydd gwyrdd a llwyd o dan gymylau gwyn yn ystod y dydd

Sebastian Wood,

Managing Director,

Whitby Wood

I don’t know any business leaders of any description who are not massively concerned with the issues of climate change, who don’t know that they have to act – and they can act – and that we need good governance and good standards that are trustworthy so that we can be sure that we are held to account to do what we say we are going to do and to follow through.

We have a huge, monumental adaptive challenge. There isn’t a rulebook for this and if there is to be a Standard – which there must be – to guide us along the way and to hold our hand, it has to be holistic and adaptive. We have an adaptive challenge and (the Standard gives us) an adaptive rulebook. No more greenwash – we have to own up.

Speaking at COP26  11th November 2021

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